AA  Aloe Soothing-Moisturizing Face Sorbet Day/Night 50ml

AA Aloe Soothing-Moisturizing Face Sorbet Day/Night 50ml

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Day and night sorbet is a perfect cosmetic for dry, damaged and itchy skin. It contains 100% aloe vera extract which acts as an immediate rescue. Sorbet will act as a multi-moisturizing product for skin that requires soothing and long-lasting hydration. You don't have to worry about safety either - it is 100% allergologically tested, created in cooperation with allergologists and dermatologists. Sorbet AA is certified by the International Movement for Animals Foundation - VIVA !, so you can be sure that it does not contain animal ingredients and that no animal has suffered during the process of its creation.

Natural ingredients of sorbet

The AA Moisturizing and Soothing Sorbet has natural products such as aloe vera, tara extract and shea butter that will surprise you with their miraculous properties. By using it every morning and evening, you will quickly notice that your skin is smoother, softer and more moisturized. Sorbet perfectly strengthens the natural microbiome of the skin. Remember - to get the best results, spread it on the clean face, neck and d©collet©, avoiding the eye area.

Moisturizing, protecting and strengthening the skin for 48 hours

The super-hydrating power of aloe vera and betanin will make you enjoy a beautiful, healthy complexion. Sorbet is an ideal cosmetic to use under makeup, and its light and quickly absorbing formula will bring you relief and protect it.

Aloe is a valued ingredient, especially for its soothing properties. Perfectly soothes irritations, redness, regenerates the epidermis and moisturizes it wonderfully. The aforementioned betanin is obtained from beetroot - thanks to this, it is well absorbed into the skin, smoothes it and protects it against the negative influence of external factors.