Bialy Jelen Hypocare Hypoallergenic Universal Washing Liquid 1L

Bialy Jelen Hypocare Hypoallergenic Universal Washing Liquid 1L

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Bialy Jenen Hypocare Universal washing liquid, 1.5 kg

It is known that young children have very delicate

and susceptible skin to irritation, but not only that -

adults also often face this problem.

Hence, the BiaÃ…€šy JeleÃ…€ž brand has created washing products with a simple and short composition

and excluded allergenic ingredients and stronger chemicals,

which in a way has an impact on skin allergies - both in children and adults.

This time, the Polish brand presents a universal product.

It is suitable for washing colored and white clothes.

With white, it will maintain a white shade,

and with colors, their natural shades.

The product can be used in washing machines:

automatic and semi-automatic and for hand washing.

Perfect for removing stains from cotton, linen and synthetic fabrics.

Powders from this Polish brand are recommended mainly to people with allergic skin problems.

As the main washing substance, we have natural soap

and specialist new generation active ingredients