Bialy Jelen Goat's Milk Moisturizing Conditioner 200ml

Bialy Jelen Goat's Milk Moisturizing Conditioner 200ml

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Biały Jeleń Hair conditioner with goat milk extract

• developed for people with allergies
• is designed for thin, dull hair, damaged by styling treatments
• the light formula does not burden the hair, and the almond oil and nourishing substances contained in it intensively nourish, restoring the shine and healthy appearance of the hair.

• goat's milk extract - intensively moisturizes, makes the hair soft, flexible and easy to comb
• panthenol - penetrates the hair structure, effectively smoothing it, making it stronger and full of shine, prevents split ends
• keratin proteins - fill damaged hair fragments, rebuilding their structure
• wheat proteins - minimize static electricity and the effect of frizz while maintaining their volume

• dermatologically tested among people with sensitive skin prone to atopy