Bialy Jelen Conditioner  with Cotton for Dry Hair 200ml

Bialy Jelen Conditioner with Cotton for Dry Hair 200ml

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Hypoallergenic hair conditioner Bialy Jelen with pure cotton and wheat proteins was developed for people with allergic ailments, problems typical for a sensitive scalp, and dry, damaged and brittle hair with a tendency to frizz. It does not burden the hair, giving the effect of a delicate smoothing. Thanks to the content of special keratin proteins, the hair structure is selectively rebuilt in damaged areas. Free from silicones, chlorides, isopropanol, artificial colors and allergens.

- smoothes the hair and makes it easier to detangle
- for atopic scalp
- improves hydration and elasticity of the hair without weighing it down
- rebuilds the hair structure, restores its natural shine and improves its condition
- it is mild and gentle on the skin
- prevents static in the hair and facilitates styling
- protects against damage caused by styling treatments
- has a skin-friendly pH