Bielenda Japan Lift Anti Wrinkle Regenerating Face Serum Day Night 30ml

Bielenda Japan Lift Anti Wrinkle Regenerating Face Serum Day Night 30ml

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Smooth, firm, nicely toned, radiant complexion. Well moisturized skin, wrinkles and discoloration are less visible.
-With Japanese precision.
-Reaches problematic places.
-Actively stimulating the skin to rebuild.
-Supports skin regeneration and nutrition.
-Reduces discoloration. Firms, tones.
-Adds elasticity to the skin.
-Reduces sagging, smooths wrinkles nicely.
-Effectively lifts and strengthens the complexion.
-Intensively moisturizes.
-Evens the color, restores radiance.

Proven effectiveness and visible lifting effects are provided by:
Tightening effect.
Causes effective skin lifting.
Visibly smoothes existing wrinkles.
Prevents new ones from forming.

Stimulate the skin's defenses and enable its renewal.
Effectively smooth wrinkles, nourish.
Improve firmness, elasticity and give the skin radiance.

High content of Omega acids and vitamins.
Deeply nourishes, revitalizes and firms the skin.
Retains moisture in the epidermis.
Stimulates the production of new collagen.
Strengthens the skin.
Improves its elasticity, helps reduce wrinkles.

Product Description:
The regenerating anti-wrinkle serum, modeled on Japanese care models, meets the highest requirements and provides thin, delicate mature skin with visible effects in reducing the symptoms of passing time.

Usage application:
Massage the serum into the face, neck and cleavage every morning and evening. Use alone or as a base under or cream. The serum intensifies the action of the cream, is quickly absorbed and provides an excellent make-up base.