Bielenda YoGo Delight Yoghurt Almond Milk Body Butter 200ml

Bielenda YoGo Delight Yoghurt Almond Milk Body Butter 200ml

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Velvety body butter with the consistency of creamy yogurt is a cosmetic inspired by natural care, aimed at restoring the comfort of dry, rough epidermis, supporting its regeneration and enhancing protective functions.

Such a rich combination of beneficial active ingredients noticeably nourishes and conditions the epidermis, has a positive effect on its microflora, supporting the natural protective barrier and has a stimulating effect in the fight against symptoms of oxidative stress.

Working: In one formula we combined the properties of
€¢ nourishing almond milk
€¢ skin-friendly prebiotics
€¢ holy basil - a plant adaptogen with enormous strengthening and antioxidant potential.

Effect: Butter makes the skin silky smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch, with a naturally well-groomed microbiome and an appetizing almond scent - goodness itself.

Usage: Massage the butter into the skin of the whole body. For all-season use.