BIOVAX Express Conditioner 7in1 Bamboo & Avocado Oil - 200 ml

BIOVAX Express Conditioner 7in1 Bamboo & Avocado Oil - 200 ml

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L 'biotica BIOVAX 7in1 Beauty Benefit Bambus & Avocado Oil Express Conditioner for fine and dull hair - 200 ml BIOVAX 7in1 Beauty Benefit Express Conditioner from the Bambus & Avocado Oil series, thanks to the 3D Bamboo Protect complex, provides 7 benefits after 60 seconds for your hair.
- thickening and smoothing along the entire length - thermal protection during styling - deep hydration and softness - easy detangling - beautiful shine - reduced static - easy to style
87% of the content of ingredients of natural origin
The unique 3D Bamboo Protect complex rebuilds and thickens the hair structure, stimulates its growth and cement damage.

It works on the 3 levels of the hair: the root, the stem and the core, providing a multidimensional reconstruction of the fibers down to the tips. 7in1 Beauty Benefit Express Conditioners are designed to nourish, protect and moisturize the hair without overburdening it with excess nutrients.
Their trouble-free application is due to the perfectly balanced consistency: creamy and light at the same time. Its compact texture means that the conditioner is easy to spread on wet hair and does not run off, and the lightness allows for immediate rinsing after the required time.

Synergy of plant fractions contained in 3D Bamboo Protect
€¢ Bamboo Root Extract - the richest, natural source of organic silicon to strengthen, thicken and thicken the fibers €¢ Bamboo Leaf Extract - oxygenates dormant hair bulbs, stimulating them to life and encouraging hair to grow faster. concentration of vitamins and minerals strengthens the hair core and makes it resistant to damage to the internal structure €¢ Avocado oil, pressed from the fruit of the evergreen plant, is an exceptionally rich source of oleic acid, an emollient that permanently moisturizes the skin and hair. Thanks to the high content of nourishing Omega 3 acids, it replenishes the deficiencies in the hair's lipid composition. It covers the fibers with a protective film to prevent split ends.

Directions for use:
Apply the conditioner to the hair, avoiding their roots. The conditioner works immediately on the hair surface, just 60 seconds is enough. After this time, rinse the conditioner thoroughly. Use each time after washing your hair with shampoo. Can be used daily.