Calgon 3in1 Anti-limescale Washing Powder 500g (20 washes)

Calgon 3in1 Anti-limescale Washing Powder 500g (20 washes)

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No Calgon:
Limescale, dirt and detergent residues are deposited on the drum, filter and pipes. Not only can this damage the washing machine, it can also create an odor, preventing you from achieving perfect washing results.

With Calgon 3in1:
With 3 neutralizing properties, Calgon protects your washing machine and keeps it clean and fresh **:
1. Effective protection against limescale deposits, which helps prevent washing machine failure.
2. Anti-dirt properties that inhibit the build-up of dirt and detergent residues.
3. Avoids bad odors in the washing machine.

** Compared to the previous formula

Recommended by leading washing machine manufacturers