Farmona Herbal Care Burdock Hair Shampoo 330ml

Farmona Herbal Care Burdock Hair Shampoo 330ml

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Our Herbal Care Burdock Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is designed for everyone who has oily hair at the roots and dry ends. We have composed it from natural plant ingredients valued for centuries, which prevent excessive greasy hair, while caring for their ends. Day by day, hair regains its balance, it becomes fresh and full of life. We have put all our experience into developing a recipe based on the rich herbal tradition, so we are confident about the results.

Spectacular effects:

fresh, light and soft hair,
thoroughly cleansed scalp,
regenerated tips.
Herbal Care reflects the philosophy of the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory: respect for tradition, the nature that surrounds us and people who are so dependent on it. Drawing on the richness of the herbal tradition, we have based the recipes of our products on plant raw materials and innovative active ingredients that have been valued for centuries.

It contains only what is most valuable in nature: selected raw materials with proven effectiveness.

It does not contain anything unnecessary in traditional recipes: parabens, paraffin oil, dyes, BHA, BHT, ethyl alcohol.