Farmona Herbal Care Flaxseed Hair Conditioner 200ml

Farmona Herbal Care Flaxseed Hair Conditioner 200ml

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The conditioner contains exceptionally mild, natural active ingredients that effectively nurture dry and brittle hair, improving its condition and appearance.

The flax extract moisturizes and renews damaged hair, restoring its vitality, elasticity, softness and shine. The patented composition of micronized wheat proteins penetrates hair structures, deeply nourishing and regenerating them, thus increasing resistance to damages. Additionally, ceramides and keratin make hair stronger and more flexible, preventing it from breakages and split ends. The natural prebiotic inutec intensively moisturizes the hair, makes it easier to comb through and protects the hair against static electricity, restoring its beautiful and fantastic look.

Spectacular effects:

  • moisturized, elastic and shiny hair,
  • reduced brittleness and less split ends,
  • greater resistance to damage,
  • beautiful hair.


Apply a small amount of the conditioner to washed, damp hair and evenly distribute it through the entire length of the hair. Do not rinse.