Delia Ekoflorist Hibiscus Rich Night Cream 50 ml

Delia Ekoflorist Hibiscus Rich Night Cream 50 ml

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The EKOflorist line includes certified, vegan cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin - including precious flower extracts - from hibiscus, lotus, cornflower, flax and mallow.

98.5% of the ingredients are of natural origin.
Without animal ingredients.
A subtle fragrance composition of natural origin.
Effects for your skin:

100% regenerates the skin.
100% gives a smoothing effect.
100% makes the skin softer to the touch.
100% provides a nourishing sensation, making the complexion look more vital.
100% gives the skin a radiant appearance.
96% ensures a feeling of intense hydration.
88% makes the skin more flexible to the touch.
Meet the ecological hibiscus extract!

Anthocyanins - prevent the development of free radicals.
Organic acids - restore radiance and even out the skin tone.
Sugars: glucose, fructose, sucrose - have a moisturizing effect.

Capacity: 50ML