Delia EKOFLORIST Moisturizing and Refreshing Thermal Water 200 ml

Delia EKOFLORIST Moisturizing and Refreshing Thermal Water 200 ml

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Mineralized thermal water EKOflorist saturated with 16 minerals and flax extract! As much as 97% of ingredients of natural origin. The EKOflorist line includes certified, vegan cosmetics with ingredients of natural origin - including precious flower extracts - from hibiscus, lotus, cornflower, flax and mallow. The series is suitable for the daily care of all skin types, including sensitive skin. MINERALIZED THERMAL WATER with 97% ingredients of natural origin - immediate hydration, refreshment and softness of the skin. Flax extract additionally moisturizes the skin and soothes irritations. Perfect for the care of dry and tired skin.

Effects confirmed by research!

- 96% cares for the skin.

- 84% effectively soothes skin irritations.

- 92% makes the skin soft.

- 100% instantly refreshes the skin.

- 88% improves the condition of the skin.

- 80% relaxes.

- 100% gives a feeling of intense skin hydration.

- 72% regulates the excessive secretion of sebum.


€¢ 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

€¢ 16 precious minerals and a soothing and moisturizing flax extract.

€¢ Water obtained from a source located 2 km underground in the heart of Poland.

€¢ Due to its rich chemical composition, water can be called hyperthermal.

Meet the flax extract!

- LINOLIC AND LINOLENIC ACIDS regulate the secretion of sebum.

- PROTEINS make the skin soft.

- PHYTOHORMONES have a moisturizing effect.