Delia Expert Styling Eyebrow Fixer Transparent 11 ml

Delia Expert Styling Eyebrow Fixer Transparent 11 ml

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Transparent eyebrow styling fixer with an unrivaled fixation effect.

Cool babes like when everything is in order! Of course, this doesn't always apply to women's wardrobes, but it has to be about the eyebrows! Reach for an unrivaled method of fixation that will also take care of the healthy appearance of your hair! Tame unruly eyebrows by giving them a beautiful, elegant and natural look and keeping them perfectly styled all day long.

A soft, comfortable brush.

The precise application will allow you to easily tame your eyebrows - thin and lush.

Everything is in its place.

The durable Fixer formula guarantees that the eyebrows will remain perfectly styled throughout the day.

Delete what is unnecessary.

The fixer will help you remove excess powder or fluid from your eyebrows, restoring their natural look.

Unbeatable fixation and eyebrows in place. Don't be surprised and tame your hair.

Durable - stays on eyebrows all day long.
Universal - Suitable for any type and color of eyebrows.
Trustworthy - Dermatologically tested.