Doppelherz aktiv Magnez-B6 400 UltraFAST 20 sachets

Doppelherz aktiv Magnez-B6 400 UltraFAST 20 sachets

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Magnesium affects the balance of electrolytes after intense exercise (as a result of sweating) and muscle contractility (contractions).

The preparation is recommended:

during periods of intense training,
in states of exhaustion,
for supporting the work of muscles and faster regeneration.
The form of microbeads in sachets allows for quick action and convenient use in any conditions, e.g. during training, in a fitness club or while cycling. Microgranules with a pleasant citrus flavor quickly dissolve in the mouth without even drinking it

One sachet of the preparation provides as much as 400 mg of magnesium ions. Ensuring an adequate amount of magnesium in the diet is essential for maintaining the electrolyte balance in the body, reducing fatigue and for proper muscle contractility. This is especially important during intense exercise, during which there is intense sweating and loss of electrolytes. Magnesium participates, among others in the transmission of nerve impulses (e.g. to regulate muscle contractions), the production of energy in the body and the synthesis of proteins.

Sweating and intense exercise, fatigue and stress, the use of stimulants (coffee, alcohol) increase the body's need for magnesium. At the same time, an unbalanced diet based on highly processed foods may not provide the right dose of magnesium.

B vitamins (B6, B9 and B12) reduce the effects of fatigue and support the body's energy metabolism.

The preparation can be used by adolescents and adults.