Herbapol Polana Night Cream Moisturizing Regenerating 50ml

Herbapol Polana Night Cream Moisturizing Regenerating 50ml

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The power of red clover - plants for women remarkable plant that supports women in the care of the good condition and beauty of the skin. Rich in beneficial isoflavones, it naturally reduces the negative effects of UV radiation and the action of free radicals (reduces the drying of the epidermis, positively affects the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, reduces the gray of the skin and evens out its color, the skin is firmer and noticeably rejuvenated).

Intensive regeneration and making the skin soft.
Improved hydration
. Restores elasticity and smooths the skin.
Improves and aligns the skin color.

Cornflower blueberry strongly softens the skin and restores healthy skin condition.
Oats improve skin hydration.
Marshmallow intensively regenerates and smoothes the skin.