iLADIAN for girls intimate hygiene gel 150 ml

iLADIAN for girls intimate hygiene gel 150 ml

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iLADIAN for girls

Intimate hygiene gel from the age of 3 to the first menstruation

The girl's intimate hygiene includes, among other things, the daily ritual of washing intimate zones, which allows to maintain natural cleanliness, health and takes care of sensitive areas. Importantly, thanks to proper care, we protect the child's intimate areas against irritation and infection.

  • specially selected formula
  • washes gently
  • protects against irritation
  • maintains the correct pH
  • does not contain SLS and parabens 
  • hypoallergenic cosmetic 


  • In our iladian for girls product , we have used only active ingredients that have a documented mild effect, and therefore are optimal for the delicate and sensitive skin of a child.

  • Iladian for girls is the care of intimate zones, and at the same time learning proper intimate hygiene in girls and protection against irritation.

  • Iladian for girls is a hypoallergenic bubble gel for intimate hygiene . Gently cleanses and cares for intimate areas, while optimally moisturizing them and protecting them from irritation. The formula soothes redness and itching, bringing comfort to irritated skin.

  • Additionally, iladian for girls contains oat oil, which strengthens the immune barrier of babies' skin.