Intenson Ground Milk Thistle  200g

Intenson Ground Milk Thistle 200g

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Milk thistle - ground 200g

(Silybum marianum)

Silybum a source of protein and has a high content of dietary fiber. Silybum ground comprises a silymarin (0.53%).

usage1 teaspoon Pour 1 cup of hot water and slowly heat to reflux. Cook gently, covered, approx. 5-10min. Let stand for 15 minutes. and strain. The brewed liquid drink in three portions a day.

The ground milk thistle can also be added to soups, vegetable dishes, muesli, dairy products (yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese), bread and fruit smoothies.

It is recommended intake of 2 teaspoons of milk thistle daily.

Not recommended for infants and young children.