Joanna Ultra Color Shampoo for Silver & Platinum Shades 200ml

Joanna Ultra Color Shampoo for Silver & Platinum Shades 200ml

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Gives platinum shade, eliminates yellowish shade of hair. Perfect for blond, lightened and grey hair.
Do you dream of a platinum shine, or a fiery gleam in your hair?
 Do you need cosmetics which provide your hair with proper care and emphasize its clarity of color?

The shampoo contains ingredients which protect and strengthen the hair. Its formula is enhanced with carefully selected colorants, making your hair shine and giving it a cool, dreamy shade. The shampoo is designed to restore the natural beauty of grey hair, bringing out its shine.

Systematic use of the product deepens the intensity of the color.

Exceptional effectiveness:

Neutralizes the yellowish tint in your hair
Restores full shine and platinum tint
Makes for easier combing

How to use?:
 Apply the shampoo on damp hair, massage till foam is formed. Leave for a few minutes one the hair and rinse thoroughly. Wash your hands after use because the cosmetic may leave blue color on them. The product may be used as a primary or after washing with your favorite shampoo.