Joanna Ultra Color System Hair Rinse Pink 150ml

Joanna Ultra Color System Hair Rinse Pink 150ml

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The pink hair rinse will give your hair a distinct shade and will reduce the yellow reflection of gray, blonde and bleached hair, giving them a subtle pink shade. Hair is radiant, nourished and healthy.

How to use: Pour two rinse caps into a vessel with water (approx. 1 liter) and mix. Rinse previously washed hair with the resulting solution. Model and dry as usual. Depending on the desired intensity of the final shade, you can use more or less concentrated solutions.

Gray, blonde and bleached hair, devoid of shine, expressive color and nourishment.

Ultra Color System Pink hair rinse. Gray, blonde and bleached hair.

It will provide the expressiveness of an ashen shade of gray, blonde or bleached hair. It eliminates the yellow color on blonde hair, emphasizing its light, slightly ashen shade. It wonderfully revives the natural shine of the hair, makes it easier to detangle and makes it extremely pleasant to the touch.

Leading ingredients
Light dyes.

150 ml