MALWA Herbal Nettle/Ortie Tea 20 bags

MALWA Herbal Nettle/Ortie Tea 20 bags

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Nettle, known and appreciated for centuries for its valuable beneficial properties, can have a positive effect on your body:

  • facilitates the excretion of harmful metabolic products from the body,
  • stimulates the secretion of gastric juice,
  • improves intestinal peristalsis,
  • facilitates digestion and assimilation of food,
  • I activate the organs for the proper functioning of the urinary system,
  • helpful in a diabetic diet.

Nettle leaf tea is a wonderful elixir that will cleanse the body and take care of your beauty.

Preparation method: Put the bag in a cup, pour boiling water (200 ml), cover the cup. To obtain a deep, distinct taste and aroma of the tea, brew for about 8-10 minutes.