Premium Rosa Sea Buckthorn and Quince  Immunity Syrup 250ml

Premium Rosa Sea Buckthorn and Quince Immunity Syrup 250ml

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The natural syrup was obtained using the traditional method of using ripe sea buckthorn and quince fruit. The NFC juice on the basis of which we produce the syrup is pressed from the highest quality fruit harvested at the optimal moment. It does not contain artificial additives such as preservatives and dyes. The syrup has an extremely intense, natural color and pleasant taste. It will work as a great and healthy addition to tea, mineral water and desserts.

A series of syrups made of NFC juices was created for the most demanding customers. Simple composition, great taste, aesthetic brown glass bottles that protect against deterioration of properties - all this is included in our wonderful syrups. 

The syrup was made from the juice directly squeezed from sea buckthorn and quince fruit - capacity 250 ml

Ingredients : NFC juices 56% (including: NFC juice from sea buckthorn berries 28%, NFC juice from quince fruits 28%), sugar

 This aromatic syrup contains only two ingredients - the highest quality NFC juice, directly squeezed from the unusual fruits of sea buckthorn and quince, and sugar. We always make sure that the fruit used is ripe and aromatic. This ensures that the taste of our syrups is second to none. 

Sea buckthorn and quince syrup can be used to prepare:

  • warming tea,
  • the highest quality homemade lemonade,
  • natural jellies,
  • homemade desserts.