SkrzypoVita Pro Anti-Hair Loss Serum 125ml

SkrzypoVita Pro Anti-Hair Loss Serum 125ml

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Hair is a symbol of health, vitality and one of the attributes of beauty. Hair loss is an increasingly common and painful problem. There may be various causes of hair loss, and the correct diagnosis may prove to be the key to fighting this problem.
Hair ages just like the skin and other organs. When these processes take place depends on individual circumstances. In the case of hair, it is associated not only with a lack of pigment, i.e. graying, but also with their weakening and falling out. Hair aging processes can be delayed with proper care.

Skrzypovita Pro Serum against hair loss
The Skrzypovita PRO Laboratory has created a scalp serum based on an innovative composition based on the BAICAPIL SYSTEM . Due to the content of soybean and wheat sprouts and baicalin, biomolecules are formed in the germination process - peptides, amino acids, oligosaccharides and glucose.

BAICAPIL „¢ is an innovative mechanism of action:
- increasing glucose metabolism and the production of ATP (oxygen supplied to the hair cells) - more active and vital hair follicles
- activation of stem cells - initiation of a new anagen phase (hair growth), stimulation of hair growth and increased volume
- protects mitochondrial DNA against oxidative stress - more active and healthy cells, extended anagen phase, reduction of hair loss and thicker and thicker hair
- protects hair follicle cells against premature aging - prolongation of the anagen phase

Directions for use:
The product is intended to be applied directly to the scalp.
After washing and drying your head with a towel, apply a small amount of the liquid to the scalp, at intervals of 2-4 cm. Then, gently massage the preparation into the scalp for 3 minutes. Leave until completely absorbed or blow-dry your hair. The preparation should not be rinsed off. Use the serum daily or after each head wash.