SkrzypoVita Pro Nourishing Nail Serum 7ml

SkrzypoVita Pro Nourishing Nail Serum 7ml

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Nourishing Skrzypovita PRO nail serum consists of carefully selected active ingredients that strengthen, gloss and regenerate the nail plate and additionally moisturize the cuticles around it. A comprehensive combination of almond, argan and cupuacu butter enriched with Lipex Omega 3/6„¢ intensively strengthens and regenerates nails. The cuticles around the plate become nourished and oiled. The serum supports nail regeneration after hybrid varnish.

Skrzypovita PRO nourishing serum is a perfect solution for people interested in comprehensive nail care and regeneration.

Sweet almond oil is very well tolerated by the skin. Intensively nourishes the nail plate and the cuticles around it, lubricates and softens. Contains vitamin A, E and B vitamins.

Argan oil has extraordinary regenerating properties and effectively regulates the degree of hydration. It regenerates damaged nails, increases gloss, smoothes the nail surface, additionally moisturizing the cuticles.

The Lipex Omega 3/6„¢ complex is a delivery system for essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It protects and improves the condition of the cuticles and nails, restoring their healthy appearance, nourishes the nail plate and the surrounding epidermis.

Cupuacu butter  has a greasing, moisturizing and protective effect. The content of plant phytosterols makes the ingredients tolerated and easily absorbed. It improves hydration by improving dry and cracked cuticles around the nails.

Horsetail oil extract,  thanks to the silicon content, strengthens the nail plate and provides minerals. It also provides adequate hydration and nutrition.

Apply the right amount of the preparation on nails and cuticles.
Massage until absorbed. Use regularly 1-2 times a day.