Tralivix Digestive Support 30 tablets

Tralivix Digestive Support 30 tablets

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TRALIVIX, 30 pcs.

After eating heavy meals


30 pcs. coated tablets / Dietary supplement


1 tablet / 1-4 times a day


  • 125 mg of rosemary extract
  • 100 mg of artichoke extract
  • 40 mg of fennel extract
  • 9 mg of turmeric extract
  • Action

    The ingredients of the preparation have a positive effect on:

    • proper course of digestive processes (artichoke, turmeric, rosemary), including proper digestion of fats (turmeric, rosemary) and their metabolism in the liver (turmeric)
    • proper functioning of the digestive system (fennel)
    • increasing digestive comfort after eating fatty, hard-to-digest meals (artichoke)
    • efficient functioning of the liver and bile ducts (artichoke, turmeric, rosemary)
    • liver function when fats accumulate in it (turmeric)
    • proper functioning of the intestines (rosemary)
    • stomach function and proper flow of digestive juices (artichoke)