Ziaja 50+ Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream  50ml

Ziaja 50+ Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream 50ml

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90% ingredients of natural origin,

semi-fat day and night cream

unique supplementation
improving elasticity

Skin supplementation - a unique combination of oligopeptides and polysaccharides providing intensive support in maintaining young skin.

a mixture of plant polysaccharides
• Restores the physiological level of hydration.
• Regenerates weakened skin structure.
• Delays skin aging processes.

a mixture of plant oligopeptides
• Visibly smoothes wrinkles.
• Effectively reduces the symptoms of skin aging.
• Improves flexibility.
• Restores the glow and healthy appearance of the skin.

• increase in skin elasticity by 19%
• increase in skin smoothness by 12%
• increase in skin hydration by 40%

*result of 28-day treatment confirmed by in vivo
tests methods: Visia TM and Courage-Khazaka - comprehensive skin analysis systems

recommended 50+ care
• moisturizing repair cream with ceramides
• semi-fat anti-wrinkle cream
• fatty nourishing peptide cream