Ziaja Jeju white Face Soap 75ml

Ziaja Jeju white Face Soap 75ml

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The Jeju series responds to the special needs of young skin. It improves the appearance, refreshes and beautifies, helps to get rid of imperfections. It soothes irritation and redness, contains plant-active substances. It smells like a cocktail of exotic fruits - sweet and refreshing.

Ziaja Jeju White Facial Soap Against Sebum with a Hint of Mango, Coconut and Papaya thoroughly cleans, degreases and unblocks pores from excess sebum. For classic or brush washing.


- Japanese camellia oil from Jeju Island soothes and moisturizes the skin,
- cleansing extract effective in the care of acne skin,
- a plant derivative of the amino acid glycine deeply moisturizes the epidermis.

Active substances: Cistus extract, Japanese camellia oil.

How to use: Spread the soap on your hands or a face cleansing brush. Wash face with water, then rinse thoroughly. Avoid the eye area. It is best to use Jeju tonic.