Ziaja Natural Olive Cream Light Formula 200ml

Ziaja Natural Olive Cream Light Formula 200ml

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Ziaja Cream is used for everyday care of dry and normal skin. Ziaja products are dermatologically and allergy tested. Can be used from 3 months of age.

  • Restores the skin's moisture balance
  • Provides protection against harmful factors
  • Supports regenerative processes
  • Nourishes and firms the skin
  • Soothing effect on irritation
  • Recommended for make-up

Contains karite butter (shea butter) rich in vitamin E, triglycerides, sterols and fatty acids, which intensively lubricate and regenerate the skin. Olive oil strengthens its natural hydrolipid coat, which protects it from the adverse effects of external factors.

How to use: Massage the cream into clean, dry skin and gently paste in.

Result: Moisturized, nourished, soothed skin.

We recommend using other Ziaja beauty products suitable for your skin's needs to complement daily care.